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One-Day International Conference at BOSSE

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Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education (BOSSE), Sikkim is a well established and popular Open Schooling Board in India. It was founded with the main aim to cater to the various academic demands of the growing youth of the country and to make educational means available for all strata’s of students in the country. The board especially accommodates student groups living in rural and remote areas, school dropouts, working people, women etc.

BOSSE has been known to use a learner-centric approach, by providing education through open and distance modes. The students are able to study and learn at their own pace through self-instructional material specifically customized for distance education environments.
The Open Board is a great opportunity for students who are unable to attend traditional schools and are provided with the same educational opportunities as their peers, that too at a nominal fee. Apart from this, BOSSE has also been preferred by students who have disabilities and have special needs or want to pursue professional sports or other vocations or those who are not interested in going through the rigors of the regular academic curriculum and routine.

The flexible schooling system gives students the freedom and pace to learn at their own pace. The Board especially encourages students with disabilities to pursue studies and complete their education.

To promote this,

BOSSE in collaboration with Global Rainbow Foundation, Mauritius organized a One-Day International conference. The conference was held at UNESCO’s New Delhi office auditorium.

The theme for the International Conference was, “Educating, Enabling, and Empowering Divyanjan (Differently Abled Persons with Special Needs): Issues and Changes”, which was attended by a number of esteemed dignitaries.

GP Upadhyay, Additional chief secretary of Sikkim government graced the occasion by being the Chief Guest at the event. He spoke at length about the many projects and initiatives that the Sikkim Government was currently involved with and how the government was taking care of the various challenges that came up with the progress of ongoing projects.

The conference was chaired by Prof Armoogum Parsuramen, founder and chairman of the Global Rainbow Foundation. He has also served as the former education minister of Mauritius. Eric Falt, director and representative of UNESCO, New Delhi and patreon Hemant Goel also attended the conference, as reported by the Press release. Mr. Falt greatly appreciated the efforts of the Indian Government in the field of disability and encouraged everyone to have basic knowledge of sign language, so that communication becomes easier with the disabled.

Adding onto that, Prof. Armoogum gave valuable inputs into the functioning of BOSSE team in providing quick action to disabled students and assisting them whenever required. This initiative by the open schooling board gives a deep insight into the vision and commitment to uplift the disadvantaged groups in all areas, such as social, cultural, educational and economic.